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Willamette River Trout

The Willamette River
The Willamette River is one of Oregon's largest water ways, the drainage flows north from the river's source at
Waldo Lake in the central Oregon Cascade mountains, through the Willamette valley and continues north
until reaching the Columbia River. Along the way the river connects some of Oregon's largest cities,
Eugene, Corvallis, Salem and Portland the proximity allows traveling angler the perfect opportunity
for a little river time.

  The Willamette through long valley sections but especially up stream from the town of Harrisburg, still 
maintains many of the
dynamic aspects of a wild river. It meanders and pools in long runs, flows and 
braids around
gravel bars and shoals, then gathers again to dance over miles of riffles; the river is
generally pool & drop in character. As you float north from Eugene you encounter lush and green
riparian areas, healthy insect hatches that emerge year round,
wild life, very little bank side
development and miles of scenic Willamette
Valley vistas. Along this section, the Willamette
River has changed very
little and still looks much like it did a hundred years ago..............

  Catch & Release Fly Fishing

Up stream from Harrisburg the river is managed entirely as a catch and release wild trout fishery
and no bait is allowed. The catch and release zone extends up river and includes a portion of 
the lower McKenzie. Cutthroat trout are most numerous and provide plenty of action on a day
of float fishing but the lower McKenzie and the Willamette north from the confluence both
have good populations of big native rainbows and they are the most prized.

The Fishing Season
The Willamette River is open to fishing year round with the most predictable conditions occurring
from early April through October. Winter fishing can be very productive but is highly dependent
on river levels. At times of the year the salmon and steelhead are also present in the river.

Fly Fishing The Willamette River

Your fishing day is long, it begins at  Armitage Park, located just north of Eugene Oregon. The first four
miles of the float are on the McKenzie River, from the confluence with the Willamette to our take out 
at Harrisburg it is an additional fourteen river miles; the float is about eighteen miles long in total,
again this trip is catch & release only.

Accommodations for Fly Fishers:

I do traditional McKenzie River drift boat fishing trips that includes all fly fishing
tackle and flies I specialize in fly fishing and can teach any angler in a few minutes.
A Willamette river float is a long day (9 hrs.+ or - ) and includes lunch & beverage
on the river bank.

2018 Prices:

ull days only:
**$410.00 for two anglers
**$350.00 for a solo angler **$385.00 for two people with one angler

Reserve two consecutive days of fly fishing and receive a 10% discount.

Fishing License and parking fees not included)

For more information about this unique fishing experience in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley 

541-228-4084 or frank@rivertrailoutfitters.com

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Boating & fishing on  the Willamette River